Monday, May 2, 2011

Making of Sketchbot and 3d Printing @ NYC Maya Users Group, Wednesday, May 18th 7-9pm

I'm very excited to be invited by Steve Mann and the NYC Maya Users Group to give a presentation on how I use Autodesk Maya to create characters that are printed via rapid prototyping and make their way to final products - specially, the Sketchbot vinyl designer toy.

I'll be bringing along plenty of samples to show what the 3d printing results look like, in addition to touching on a few other 3d-to-print projects I've completed over the past year.

The meeting will be taking place at Oceana Digital on Wednesday, May 18th from 7-9pm. Entrance is free and you can RSVP at  I'll also be giving away one original Sketchbot variant at the end of the evening!

This will be my last event in NYC before we head out to LA on May 20th. Would be great to see lots of familiar faces there for my last hurrah.  Blue Sky Studios will also be on hand showing behind-the-scenes on their latest CG animated film, Rio. This is full-circle for me, as I moved to the East Coast 17 years ago to animate for Blue Sky!