Friday, March 28, 2008

Tara McPherson @ Kid Robot Pirate Store NYC

A quick morning post to point you to a few pictures I took last night from the NYC Kid Robot Pirate Shop.  Tara McPherson was putting the finishing touches on a giant Dunny figurine she started painting last Friday.  Using only acrylics, the finish has a clean appearance with some visible brushstrokes that keep it in that "hand-made" realm.  She then applies several clear varnish coats for sealing and protecting the finish.  Definitely head down to the store if you're in town to see this up close in person.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SketchBot Character

I had been wanting to design a character that combined my love of drawing and my obsession with toy robots. The simplicity of a bold silhouette with a single eye kept creeping into my sketchbook, and thus, SketchBot was born!

The seed for this character was planted about 9 years ago. I had been playing around with this concept during my tenure at Blue Sky Studios and did a little animation to test out their robust radiosity renderer. Just goes to show that good ideas never die out, they just take some time to ferment!