Friday, May 28, 2010

Sketchbot iPad Wallpaper - Series 1

Yes, I drink the Apple Kool-Aid big time. I got an iPad within the first week they went on sale and am having a blast with it. I still have yet to find the ideal stylus for drawing with (don't get me started) but the iPad is proving to be an excellent digital portfolio companion when I'm out and about.  I'm anxious to put it to the test in July, when I'll be attending SDCC and Siggraph back-to-back. Ideally, I'd love to leave my MacBook Pro at home and just rely on the iPad for all my computing needs while at the conventions. One crucial test will be how quickly I can load up photos from my Canon 7D and actually do some rudimentary editing before posting up here and to Flickr.  I'll be acquiring the hard-to-obtain(?) Camera Connection Kit soon and do some thorough testing.

In the meantime, I'm way overdue with getting some Sketchbot related artwork up for iPad wallpaper use. The trick is formatting imagery to look good in both portrait and landscape mode.  I recently completed some vector artwork for my Thought Processor custom last week, so I'm offering these up as the first in a series of Sketchbot iPad Wallpaper. If you're reading this page on your iPad, simply click on the image, save to your photo library, and assign as desktop, home screen, or both. Enjoy!