Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SDCC - Art and Books Acquired at Comic Con 2008

Believe it or not, I bought ZERO toys this year! I stopped being an obsessive Gigantor collector a few year ago, so now I only purchase items that appeal to me as a designer. On the other hand, I've got a weakness (addiction?!) for art books and monographs. Following is a list of items I purchased, along with the appropriate links to their work online.

I'll begin with the very last piece I got as the show was closing on Sunday afternoon. This sweet robot drawing by KMNDZ that was available at the Hi-Fructose booth.

I discovered quite a few new faces on the first day.  Got this nice little book called Inner Workings by Dave Pryor and Bob Rissetto.

Close by was Bruno Werneck's booth.  He had this amazing print on display, a beautiful retro-style reinterpretation for the cover of "Secret of the Lost Race."   Pick up his latest compilation of work, SPLASH2. You won't regret it!

Fleet Street Scandal is comprised of Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham, another talented duo with a penchant for an updated "retro-style" look that I'm totally digging.  They had Volume 1 of their collective artwork on sale, and it was a must-buy for me.

SPACEGIRL, by Travis Charest was a wonderful find!  Every page is a single, wide-screen panel, and his illustrations are drop-dead gorgeous. Visit his MSN Groups page to view the entire sequence.

Ruben Martinez has a new book out called The After Life which contains a plethora of creature design and wonderful imagery.  Check out his beautiful gallery on deviantart.

Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters have a new book out, "Ghosts and Martyrs" (Kathie's work) or "Martyrs and Ghosts" (Brandt's work) - it's one of those one side up/one side down books by Murphy Art Books.

I also was excited to meet an artist that I've admired for quite some time, Jeff Soto.   We had a great chat at the end of day one and he even did a little Sketchbot drawing when signing his excellent new book, Storm Clouds.  Check out his blog for an entertaining Comicon recap.  ;)

I couldn't resist these wacky robots on the cover of Jamie Baker's NERVE BOMB Comix, and picked up Issue # Zero.  Tons more cool stuff up on his folio.

And last, but not least, I picked up both Afterworks 2 and Out of Picture Vol 2, which features the work of Pixar and Blue Sky Studios artists work outside of work.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stuck in San Diego

My Jet Blue flight was canceled yesterday due to "weather conditions on the East Coast." Fortunately, I was able to acquire an extra night stay at The Sofia Hotel and figured, what better way to spend my time than to edit, tag, comment, and upload 75 photos to my San Diego Comic Con Flickr set!

This post is dedicated to all the amazing creators that took time to come out, sell their wares, and meet their fans. Btw, that's Berni freaking Wrightson I got to meet! Next year, look for yours truly to be on the other side of the table. ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

SDCC - Last Day

If you've seen me throughout the week, you most likely have caught me pimping Sketchbot to whoever will stop and listen. ;) This photo courtesy of John Stokes, from the excellent SpankyStokes.com

I finally met up with Jack from VinylPulse. We had met very briefly at NYCC (like, the last 5 minutes on the last day before he had to run off to the airport) and it was nice to have a more relaxed chat. I would later have dinner with him and his wife, along with Brent Nolasco, and Vince and Bicky from My Plastic Heart.

Dez Einswell putting the finishing touches on one of his pieces.

Great to see the giant MOD:1 at Supermodifiedstudios booth.

Tara McPherson had quite a bit of work available at her booth.

This week has flown by! Too tired after the long days to edit and post the plethora of pictures I've taken, however, I promise to upload the massive set to Flickr once I get back to Bklyn on Monday. Now off to endure the last day of SDCC...