Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've been meaning to post up a slew of pictures since returning from an amazing week-long trip to Seattle for Thanksgiving.  Jonlyn and I walked around quite a bit on our first day in the city, and we stumbled upon one great little gallery space after another.  There's this funky shop called The Anne Bonny, and upstairs is Coco Howard's studio.  We were then pointed in the direction of Schmancy, where we met the incredibly nice Kristen Rask.  If you're into inventive uses of all things plush you've got to check out her shop.  Kristen reminded us about a plush show that opened last week at Gallery Hanahou here in NYC.  There's an incredible array of plushies on display for the next month, and I encourage you to check them out in person.   Be sure to peruse my Flickr set devoted to all things plushie here.  I've always had a few designs in mind that would lend themselves perfectly to the plush format and will definitely be exploring this medium in the new year!