Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sketchbot 3d Update

The pencil is back! I really needed to revisit the accessory issue because, really, what good is a sketchbot without his drawing implement?! I had always envisioned numerous art tools that this character would employ, and I see no reason (other than cost) to include a separate hand that is large enough to grasp the super deformed objects. This also affects the various colorways I have in mind. I'll most likely have to do an additional 3d print run, as the vinyl toy will shrink by 10%, and I really don't want the final toy to be less than 4.5". This also gives me the opportunity to finesse the grooves on the arms and legs, as the first 3d print was a bit shallow and required use of a tiny jewelers file to enhance the groove profile to a more desired finish. All of these issues start cropping up as I'm preparing the turnaround blueprints to submit to the factories for quotes. I really need to make sure there is no discrepancy in what I propose, and what I would like the final piece to look like. Lots of work involved before pulling the trigger here, and I'd rather take the time getting it right first time out of the gates as opposed to rushing it out.