Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sketchbot Qee Photo Shoot

Thought I'd share a few shots from the impromptu photo shoot I did on the morning I had to turn my custom entry in for the APW show. I was heading into work and as I walked under the Manhattan Bridge overpass on the way to the subway, I saw this visually interesting stand pipe along one side of the overpass structure. I liked the harsh lighting and thought the character fit perfectly amongst the rustic metal and concrete, so I quickly shot a bunch of shots before catching the train in. I've added some of the better compositions to the sketchbot Flickr set.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


By now, most of you who are into designer toys (and, are local to the NYC area) have most likely seen MAD's show at My Plastic Heart. If not, you've got until May 16th to check it out. I've become a quick fan of Jeremy's work over the past year, as he's got a fresh, graphic style that's clean, bold and infused with his unique sense of humor. His MAD*l figure is also one of the most brilliant and fun shapes out there. I missed opening night the day before NYCC, but did get to see the exhibit last Friday night before heading over to the APW Gallery opening. I've posted a modest selection of pictures up on Flickr. Vince has a great Flickr set up from opening night.

Monday, April 28, 2008

"World Of Imagination" Opening @ APW Gallery

Last Friday's opening at APW Gallery was jam-packed and well received.  It was great to put faces to the many names I've encountered on the various designer toy forums.  Huge congratulations to Hans for assembling a diverse crop of talent for this show.  Pictures up here on my Flickr, and here for Hans' photos.