Friday, March 19, 2010

Sketchbot Custom Show Sneak Peeks!

We're one week away from the big show and the sneak peeks have started to trickle in. I've been Tweeting updates throughout the week, and thought I'd show a few more not yet seen here on the blog to whet your appetites. ;) This represents just over a third of the collection that will be on display.

I have to say that I'm genuinely blown away by the level of A-game people are bringing to their customs! It's encouraging to see my fellow artists embrace what I hope will be a new platform for customizers to use as an alternative to the plethora of DIY canvases out there.

I've got something especially mind-blowing in the works for my custom and will be putting the finishing touches on it early next week. Check back for a special sneak peek before the show opens next Friday!


Tenacious Toys said...

This looks like it's gonna be an amazing custom toy show Steve! I'm super excited for you!

frankmysterio said...

great advances

Manny Galan said...

Wow! I see at least 3 different ideas that I almost did on my own piece. Glad I didn't because they were done much better than I could have.

And i love the RAM-MAN Sketchbot on the bottom left. SWEET!

fmpstudio said...

Wow, these look great...can't wait to see the show.

BRiZL said...

oh yes! the customs are looking great! congrats on the show steve!