Friday, October 16, 2009


I've been on Twitter for 8 months now, and it's by far my favourite social networking site. It's the pure essence of micro-blogging. I've found that I discover - via succinct, 140-character 'Tweets' - an abundance of interesting posts and tidbits than had I spent 3-4 times more scouring various websites for the same information.

How best, then, to show my appreciation for the site than to create an interpretation of the Twitter bird - in this case, one that would fit comfortably in the Sketchbot universe! I present to you, TweetBot.

I scribbled a quick sketch of this idea month's ago but just now had some free time to play around with the character. I'll definitely be rigging and animating this little critter, so stay tuned for some animation posts in the near future.

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Glen Southern said...

I pretty much concur with everything Steve says. I'm a Twitter user of about 8 months and I find it a great way to get a daily source or graphic/3D/toys/comic/design/sculpting information without resorting to blogs and RSS and sit-on-my-facebook.

And thats how I got to see Steve's work and become a big fan. Love the tweetie bird and I love that it fits in with the whole Sketchbot world.

Great work as usual. Inspirational stuff.


l e d o said...

I love your tweetbot, the blank stair is awesome.
Ive had a tweeter account for like 2 years. And I have never ever used it. Guess I should start.

Steve Talkowski said...

Glen, thanks for the kind words! Twitter is how I first learned of your amazing work as well.

Thanks Ledo! What are you waiting for? Start Tweeting!

felix ip said...

this is so cute, i like the TweetBot deisgn, cool!

Llehn said...

Wow! Did I mention how awesome tweetbot is? Love it!

roentarre said...

I sm amazed by your work here

[rich] said...

He's ACE!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing, and cute, and skillful, and wow 8|