Monday, June 1, 2009

Honey Nut Cheerios Sci-Fi Spot

SciFi Cheerios "if" Spot from Steve Talkowski on Vimeo.

I worked with Hush on this spot a few weeks ago. My role entailed rigging up and animating the bee character, modeling the honey wand and subtle honey animation, and full lighting of the character. A hero Cheerio was animated landing and bobbing in an imaginary plane, and this was repeated numerous times to fill out the foreground splashing bits of cereal. The spot was composited and colour-corrected in After Effects.

Check out Hush's website for more killer work, including another spot I animated on, Sony Ericsson's "Dance Off"


bclark said...

Ha, fun spot, always great work and I have been really enjoying getting to see the process and life of turning sketchbot in to a toy.

Thanks for posting it.


Steve Talkowski said...

Thanks for the kind words Brad, it's great to hear from you!