Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sketchbot Update - Blueprints Completed

I can't believe it's been six weeks since my last post! I've been incredibly busy, with two back-to-back freelance gigs taking up the majority of that time. Fortunately, I also had the last 7 days off and have spent the entire time focused on completing the Sketchbot turnarounds for all seven planned colourways. This included designing and modeling five additional accessories that will each accompany a unique colour variant. And, for all you customizers out there, I'm also going to do a decent sized DIY blank run as well! This is going to be an ambitious first release, and I can't wait to get the ball rolling with manufacturing. I'll be submitting my blueprints for quotes to see exactly how much this is going to set me back, then - provided the actual cost doesn't give me a heart attack - proceed to green light the start of production.

I also have a collab series with Drilone to complete, and will be doing a custom for Toy Qube's upcoming Kicktoys show in May.

For now, I'll share the turnaround for Sketchbot Variant #1, Pencil Edition. The others will be kept secret until the release date gets closer. Stay tuned for some additional, exciting developments in the near future!


iCronos4 said...

Love your sketchBot! Great look and style. Very impressive work! Good luck with production.

thisisrabbit said...

Awesome stuff man, looking really great. Can't wait to find out more about the other variations. Love the idea of DIY on this fellow too, Sketchbot would be a really fun shape to paint and custom. Definitely put me on the wait list for some DIY goodness! Congrats on the progress towards getting this fellow out there.

David said...

wonderful! now you just have to drop the $10,000 for the first run!Super excited, Steve! One step closer to getting a Sketchbot. i still want one of the O.G. resin casts! R.I.T.N.V.!!!!

Steve Talkowski said...

Thanks guys! The ball is moving, albeit, slowly. Dave, I hope the $10k range is doable!