Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Demo Reel Updated!

So, I desperately needed to update my demo reel. I've had this amazing piece of music from Lalo Schifrin in mind to use, like, forever. I'm posting on Vimeo because they allow larger file sizes with somewhat better compression than youTube. You can also download the full-size, uncompressed version from there.

UPDATE - Credit list now up on my personal website.

Steve Talkowski Reel 08 from Steve Talkowski on Vimeo.


JeffC said...

Steve - slick compilation of your work! The music fits nicely.

Steve Talkowski said...

Thanks Jeff! Can't go wrong with Lalo Schifrin. ;)

Amanda Gil said...

Hey! Your reel is really funny! XD and your blog is so original, people get too serious on their blogs.. i'm so following yours!

Thank you for the comment and regards from Spain :)

Kidchuckle said...

woah you animate too.. thats a huge reel you got there.
Awesome stuff