Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sketchbot Qee Photo Shoot

Thought I'd share a few shots from the impromptu photo shoot I did on the morning I had to turn my custom entry in for the APW show. I was heading into work and as I walked under the Manhattan Bridge overpass on the way to the subway, I saw this visually interesting stand pipe along one side of the overpass structure. I liked the harsh lighting and thought the character fit perfectly amongst the rustic metal and concrete, so I quickly shot a bunch of shots before catching the train in. I've added some of the better compositions to the sketchbot Flickr set.


Jen said...

Yeaaahhh that's the way to go! White backgrounds are sooo last year... unless if I have to take product shots.

Anonymous said...

News bulletin... Sketchbot on the loose. Exact location unknown. Last seen somewhere in PA.

Steve Talkowski said...

Heheh. Hey, I just heard he was located?!