Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sketchbot Buttons!

Here's my first test run for a new batch of 1" sketchbot buttons. You'll also notice a Joe Ledbetter pin for reference. ;)

HUGE thanks to Vince over at My Plastic Heart for letting me borrow his button machine. They'll be available at NYCC next week, along with new stickers and postcards. There's still a few tweaks that need to made here and there before cranking out the lot of 'em, so let me know which ones are your faves and any tips to bring them to their fullest.  Close-ups viewable at the sketchbot Flickr set.


Jeff said...

I want a Sketchbot button! Seriously!

Steve Talkowski said...

Sweet!! eMail me your mailing address dude!

Anonymous said...

WOW - Love the tubular character. I want me some buttons Steve!! And props to Vince for loaning you the button maker. Hey, I'll be at NYCC - make sure you bring 'em with you.
Paul Budnitz Jr.