Saturday, April 19, 2008

New York Comic Con, Day 1

Only there half a day and we're already wiped out! This year looks to be even better than last year. I just got that vibe when we entered Javitz Center - there definitely seems to be genuine interest this year.

Hit a few of the main toy booths, primarily MPH and Toy Qube for a few signings (MAD, Tokidoki) and also got kidlew, kaNO, Andrew Bell, and Lou Pimentel to tag my sketchbook.

I also drew my first official tag in Saki-Waki's sketchbook. Quite a few people recognized my sketchbot character from this blog and my Flickr page, so that was a pleasant surprise.

The sketchbot swag we handed out is also receiving positive reactions. It's a pleasure to give something tangible to the fans. I'd like to invite everyone to check back often for progress on sketchbot's journey from initial design stage to a fully realized vinyl toy.

Jonlyn and I did catch one panel at the end of the evening - Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz were on hand for an entertaining Q&A after premiering the new X-Files movie trailer!

Hit my Flickr stream for plenty more pics. More posts coming Sat and Sun nights!


Susan said...

You went to the X-Files panel! Holy cow!

The approach of a new movie has got me all nostalgic for the show's heyday. Were you much of a fan of the show, or just generally interested?

Steve Talkowski said...

I became a fan about half-way through the series. Similar to how I got hooked on "24", i'll have to find time to view the season 1 & 2 DVD box sets of the X-Files.