Sunday, April 20, 2008

NYCC Sketchbook Tags

Alright, one last post before hitting the sack and closing out the busy week.   Since I've been attending these recent shows and conventions, I've noticed fans would bring a sketchbook dedicated to getting signed ("tagged") by their favourite artists.  I, too, wanted to approach those I was interested in to contribute to my personal sketchbook, and occasionally, got to draw in theirs as a trade.  Looking back over the 3-day convention, I was surprised that I got as many beautiful drawings as I did.

I've become a HUGE Jose Lopez fan, and was totally blown away when he asked if he could draw my Sketchbot character.  What an awesome interpretation. Thanks again Jose!

You can view them in all their high-resolution glory at the following Flickr set.  Enjoy!


Saki said...

I am so stealing your sketch posting idea to wrap up this weekend's sketches.

Steve Talkowski said...

Go for it Saki! I can't wait to see who tagged your book.