Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mac Pro Un-Box Pr0n!

Today is a great day. My new dual 3 GHz Quad Core Xeon Mac Pro with 4GB (soon to be 12GB) of RAM and NVidia 8800GT graphics card arrived!

Having never before documented a new computer purchase, I figured "what better way to spend the almost three hours of Adobe CS3 installation than to shoot and post some un-boxing pr0n?"

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milkfilk said...

Loved your unboxing shots. Nice apartment too, love the vinyl toys, hardwood and your sense of style. I was like, "where does this guy live!?". Oh NY. Yeah, we don't have that kind of edgy and trendy style in DC (well unless you're actually downtown).

Rock on, enjoy that 8800GT. I'm trying to get one for my 2.8 MP. It won't help me with audio-dev stuff but it sure will be fun playing a game on.